CMV was founded in 1972 by Mr BenitoConsolaro
e Mrs Gioconda Ruffo and since 20 years is driven
by Giampaolo, Paola and Vanda.

The main activities was mechanicalprocessing, constructiongear, and production ofmultipliers
and gearboxes.

In 2000 CMV was converted in company such as
“CMV ConsolaroGiampaolo& C. sas”
increasing the supply
of products and introducingparallel axes reduction gears
and epicycloidal units.

In recent years, CMV is placed on both the national
and international market.

Since 2003, CMV is certified ISO 9001: 2000
and since 2009 is certified ISO 9001: 2008.

Pdf certificate ISO 9001
Pdf certificate ISO 9001 IQNET
CMV s.a.s. di Consolaro Giampaolo & C.
via S. Giovanni, 48 - 36045 LONIGO (Vicenza)
tel. 0444 831205 - fax 0444 834972 - P.IVA 02885460242 -